Opportunities and challenges in cross-border healthcare

A case study based on the Court of Justice of the European Union





Cross-border healthcare, European healthcare, European Health Systems, Health Policy



The dynamic nature of healthcare delivery and patient mobility in the area has led to an increased focus on cross-border healthcare within the European Union (EU). Cross-border healthcare plans and strategies must take into account the EU's dedication to supporting the "four freedoms" of free movement of people, capital, goods, and services. To grasp the opportunities and problems present in this field, it is essential to comprehend how the four Freedoms interact with cross-border healthcare. With a focus on case studies based on the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), this article seeks to examine the benefits and drawbacks of cross-border healthcare within the EU.


This article uses the content analysis method to collect all of the case information on the European High Court's website to date and determine the most popular topics. Following that, using case analysis, the typical cases of these dispute-prone locations will be examined to determine the key issues in the area.


The statistical analysis demonstrates that social security, employee regulations, and freedom to provide services account for the three highest percentages of subject matters addressed by the CJEU. The analysis reveals existing gaps and inconsistencies in the interpretation and implementation of the legal framework. The case study of the CJEU highlights the challenges and complexities associated with harmonizing healthcare systems across member states.

Main Contribution to Evidence-Based Practice

The main contribution is the provision of evidence-based insights and knowledge that equip stakeholders in the healthcare sector with a holistic view of the field. It allows for informed decision-making, the formulation of effective policies, and the advancement of cross-border healthcare to benefit patients and healthcare systems across the EU.


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