On Planning and Designing General Hospitals in Smart Technology Contexts


  • Muqing Niu Vice President, The First Affiliated Hospital, Henan University of Science and Technology. Luoyang, Henan, China




High Quality Care, Hospital Planning, Life-Cycle Healthcare, Coordinated development, Smart Technology


Taking high-quality development of hospitals as the new era and the key health management direction, the paper draws lessons from advanced planning and design experience from an international perspective and discusses the construction of hospitals to be compliant, orderly, efficient and focusing on providing high quality care. The article formulates an overall strategy for the planning and development of the hospitals keeping in mind the whole life cycle based on current technological trends, practical, forward-looking and developmental space, as well as promote the organic integration of high-quality care and hospital buildings with the surrounding environment, so as to drive an overall coordinated development of the region where hospitals are located.


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