On Community Pharmacists and Promotion of Lifestyle Modification in Adults with Hypertension

Practice Protocol


  • Dr. Olanike Kehinde Walden University, Minneapolis, USA https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6090-789X
  • Dr. Kimberly Dixon-Lawson Faculty member, School of Health Sciences, Walden University, USA
  • Dr. Aaron Mendelsohn Snr. Adjunct faculty, Faculty of Public Health, Walden University USA




Hypertension, practice protocol, promotion of lifestyle modification, community pharmacists, phenomenology



The growing prevalence of hypertension is a problem of public health importance globally. Lifestyle modification is an important first-step in the management of hypertension requiring promotion by all healthcare professionals. However there is not enough focus on the contribution of pharmacists towards promotion of lifestyle modification (PLM) in the management of hypertension in Nigeria.


A phenomenological study involving in-depth interviews of 12 community pharmacists was conducted to explore how community pharmacists promote lifestyle modification in adults with hypertension Lagos, Nigeria and to develop a practice protocol for community pharmacists for guiding the practice of PLM. Participants were purposively selected as key knowledgeables who could give rich and nuanced insights about the phenomenon of PLM and an interview protocol was used to guide the interviews.


From a thematic data analysis conducted, 7 themes emerged to categorize the practice of PLM by community pharmacists among hypertensive adults and the essence of a practice protocol. The themes pertaining to practice were cognitive factors, contextual factors, strategies, and self efficacy. From the perspectives of the participants, a practice protocol was developed that can serve as a guide to community pharmacists in Lagos while performing the role of PLM among adults with hypertension.


Community pharmacists are well positioned in communities to contribute to reducing the incidence and prevalence of hypertension in Nigeria. The availability of a practice protocol will enhance the performance of community pharmacists while promoting lifestyle modification and can help to standardize the practice of PLM.

Key words: Hypertension, practice protocol, promotion of lifestyle modification, community pharmacists, phenomenology

Author Biographies

Dr. Olanike Kehinde, Walden University, Minneapolis, USA

Public health pharmacist

Consultant, Fedunique Nig. Ltd.

Dr. Kimberly Dixon-Lawson, Faculty member, School of Health Sciences, Walden University, USA

Senior  faculty, Faculty of public health, School of Health Sciences, Walden University


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